CER News:
CER researchers enter into an agreement with Cymer Inc to perform research on next-generation semiconductor lithography light sources

6 September 2007

Laser-produced plasma is an efficient source of extreme ultraviolet light, and is currently under development for the next generation semiconductor fabrication technology called "EUV lithography". Researchers from the CER have been exploring EUV lithography as a spin-off of work performed on inertial confinement laser fusion energy research. These efforts have culminated in a formal agreement with San Diego based Cymer Inc, which is the world's leading supplier of light sources for excimer laser-based lithography, and is leading the development of EUV light sources.

Through a combination of gifts and a UC Discovery grant, the CER EUV lithography team led by Dr. Mark Tillack is working with Cymer to better understand how to optimize EUV emissions and minimize damage to delicate optics from the laser-produced plasma. These are two of the most critical hurdles that must be overcome in order to produce a reliable and cost-effective EUV light source.