CER News:
CER members participate in the 2008 San Diego "Expanding Your Horizons" event

12 April 2008

Members of CER completed a very successful educational outreach event on Saturday, April 12, at the University of San Diego. 3 presentations were provided to middle school girls as part of the San Diego Expanding Your Horizons event. This national organization hosts a large number of annual events to motivate young women in science, engineering, and mathematics: see http://www.expandingyourhorizons.org/ for more information on EYH.

Each group consisted of 12-15 students, 2 USD undergraduate students serving as guides, and 1-2 adult chaperones.

The CER activity was entitled: "The hottest stuff on Earth: Plasma Science and Fusion Energy", and was staffed by:

Additional support was provided by the following organizations:

Rick Lee (GA) and Alex Nagy (PPPL) provided equipment from the GA Fusion Educational Outreach program

Diana Wise and the GA Fusion Publications group provided handout packets for all the students and caperones

Professor Greg Severn (Chair, USD Physic Dept.) provided his lab, 8 calibration lamps and supplies, and 30 spectrographs

For more information on CER educations outreach activities, visit our outreach web pages.