CER News:
Eric Hollmann to Receive FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award

1 August 2013

Eric Hollmann, research scientist in the Center for Energy Research, has been selected by Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors to receive its 2013 Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award. The Award will be presented at Fusion Power Associates annual meeting and symposium, December 10-11 in Washington, DC.

In selecting Dr. Hollmann, the FPA Board recognizes his technical contributions to understanding and mitigating disruption events in tokamak devices - a critical feasibility requirement for tokamak-based fusion power plants, his leadership of experiments in this regard on the DIII-D experiment at General Atomics, and his many other contributions to fusion research.

Fusion Power Associates Excellence in Fusion Engineering Awards, established in 1987 in memory of MIT professor David J. Rose, have been given annually since that time to individuals who have shown both technical accomplishment and the potential to become exceptionally influential leaders in the fusion field. A list of previous recipients and other information related to Fusion Power Associates are available on-line at http://fusionpower.org