CER News:
CER researchers nominated for 2008 Nuclear Fusion Award

17 September 2008

Researchers in the Center for Energy Research were recently nominated by the Board of Editors of the IAEA journal "Nuclear Fusion" for the 2008 Nuclear Fusion award. These nominated papers were chosen for meeting the highest scientific standard published in the journal in 2005. Nominations are based on citations and recommendation by the Board of Editors. The winner is selected by secret ballot to determine which of these papers has made the largest scientific impact. Of the ten nominated papers worldwide, two are lead-authored by CER research staff members Eric Hollmann and Dmitry Rudakov:

Measurements of impurity and heat dynamics during noble gas jet-initiated fast plasma shutdown for disruption mitigation in DIII-D, E M Hollmann et al, http://www.iop.org/EJ/abstract/0029-5515/45/9/003

Far SOL transport and main wall plasma interaction in DIII-D, D L Rudakov et al, http://www.iop.org/EJ/abstract/0029-5515/45/12/014

This is the third year that the International Atomic Energy Agency has awarded an annual prize to honour exceptional work published in the journal Nuclear Fusion. The recipient of the 2008 Nuclear Fusion Award will be announced at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in Geneva on 18 October 2008.

Congratulations to Drs. Hollmann (ehollmann@ucsd.edu) and Rudakov (rudakov@fusion.gat.com).