CER News:
CER members Lane Carlson, Leo Chousal and Brandi Pate honored with 2011 Staff Recognition Awards.

2 September 2011

Three members of the Center for Energy Research recently received 2011 Staff Recognition Awards for their exceptional performance and work success. Congratulations to the worthy recipients.

Lane Carlson:
for Exceptional Performance in his support of the ARIES and EUV lithography groups as well as developing the VASST graphical user interface to the fusion power plant systems code.

Leo Chousal:
for Work Success in managing, overseeing and ensuring that the CER Beryllium facility meets all the safety protocols, procedures and standards mandated by CALOSHA, Dept. of Energy and UCSD EHS. His fastidious attention to all hazardous materials has exceeded all EHS and DOE standards resulting in this internationally unique facility continually passing all health and safety inspections with flying colors.

Brandi Pate:
for Exceptional Performance as a CER Fund Manager. All her PIs commended her willingness and supportive, positive attitude to go the extra mile in providing excellent fund management and proposal submission. Her initiative in developing a work plan so that proposal submission and fund management would not be disrupted because of staff turnover is most appreciated.