CER News:
Mark Tillack named 2012 IEEE fellow.

21 November 2011

Mark Tillack, Research Scientist in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and Associate Director of the Center for Energy Research, has been named an IEEE Fellow. He is being recognized for contributions to fusion energy technology.

Dr. Tillack is an internationally recognized expert on nuclear technologies in the fields of magnetic and inertial fusion energy, with more than 150 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. During his 3 decades of research and program leadership he has invented new design concepts for the fusion power core and led research groups to resolve those issues that are critical for the commercial success of fusion energy. He also created a leading university laboratory for studies of soft x-ray light sources for next-generation extreme ultraviolet semiconductor lithography (EUVL) - an offshoot of his research on laser fusion energy. His work has been supported by leading industries in the US and Japan, and has had a lasting impact on the development and deployment of next-generation lithography light sources.

The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the IEEE Board of Directors upon a person with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. The total number selected in any one year cannot exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total voting membership. IEEE Fellow is the highest grade of membership and is recognized by the technical community as a prestigious honor and an important career achievement.

Dr. Tillack received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from MIT in 1983, and has been a research scientist at the University of California throughout his entire career. He served as a member of the Administrative Committee of the Nuclear and Plasma Science Society (NPSS), chair of the IEEE NPSS Fusion Technology Committee and chair of the 2009 IEEE NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering held in San Diego. He also serves as a member of the American Nuclear Society Executive Committee for the Fusion Energy Division (FED), and won the ANS FED 2008 Technical Accomplishment Award.