Platform for EV charging research and innovation: University of California San Diego and partners


The University of California at San Diego (UCSD) has one of the country’s oldest and best-studied campus microgrids, with a combination of on-site generation, sophisticated building controls, and solar PV attached to a bevy of batteries for back-up power, solar smoothing, and general energy storage research and development. 

UCSD’s microgrid is also serving as an epicenter for R&D on smart electric vehicle charging, powered by the many professors, staff and students who happen to drive plug-in vehicles. UCSD’s award-winning project provides commercial EV charging companies with 166 electrical stub outs to test the latest equipment, standards and business models on more than 400 EV commuters. 

According to GTM Research, the university’s 18 partners have tested a variety of technical configurations and models, including V2G, DC fast charging with second-life stationary EV batteries, ISO 15118 for authentication, smart charging following price and AGC signals, and local demand charge reduction. UCSD is providing a necessary real-world test bed for innovative companies to test new technologies with real customers.

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