Polygenerative Electrochemical Systems for a Low Carbon Future

Whitney Colella, Gaia Energy Research Institute
June 24, 2016, 11:00am - 12:00pm, EBUII 479



Dr. Colella's research focuses on resolving primary bottlenecks in our global energy supply chains, for both stationary and mobile power, with next generation electrochemical and hydrogen energy technologies. Insights are shared into the engineering design, economics, and environmental impacts of advanced energy concepts:

  1. combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell systems (FCSs);
  2. combined cooling, heating and electric power (CCHP) FCSs;
  3. automotive FCSs;
  4. tri-generative FCSs for electricity, heat, and hydrogen production (H2-FCSs);
  5. proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide electrolysis for hydrogen production; and
  6. electrochemical hydrogen compression for hydrogen storage.

This talk first focuses on addressing energy supply chain bottlenecks for stationary power using advanced fuel cell systems (FCSs) as well as for mobile power using advanced fuel cell, electrolysis, and hydrogen energy technologies. Key results are discussed from both detailed thermodynamics modeling work and techno-economic environmental impact models. Important findings are also highlighted from independent analyses of measured data from deployed systems.

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