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Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge

December 6, 2015

Tammy Ma, a LLNL researcher and former UC San Diego PhD student in Professor Farhat Beg's Fast Ignition and Laser-Plasma Interactions group, is featured in an episode of National Geographic's Breakthrough series on developments in energy production that could avert global warming and usher in a new era of clean, safe energy.

tammy ma

CER collaborates on project to improve cookstove technology and policy in third-world countries  

July 2015

For the past year CER has been working with Assistant Professor at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS), Jennifer Burney, on a project that will change the way families in third-world countries cook. more...

CER trains Reuben H. Fleet Science Center volunteers to help present their new energy exhibit

June 18, 2015

CER provided an information session for volunteers from Reuben H. Fleet Science Center on renewable energy sources, distribution and storage. The volunteers will support a new exhibition at Fleet, which builds on the present “So WATT!” display and is due to open early Fall 2015. more...
reuben exhibit

Rick Moyer leads outreach team in encouraging middle school girls to pursue STEM careers

March 2015

Rick Moyer, a research scientist in the Center for Energy Research, completed his 11th consecutive year of conducting workshops for the San Diego Expanding Your Horizons workshop, held in the Shiley Center for Science and Technology at the University of San Diego. The goal of these EYH events is to encourage middle and junior high school girls to consider STEM careers early enough to choose the appropriate mathematics and science classes in high school. more...
eyh 2015

The Center for Energy Research and Lawrence Livermore Lab Collaborate on Study of ‘Matter Under Extreme Conditions’

March 2015

The Center for Energy Research (CER) at UC San Diego and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) will collaborate on a new Center for Matter under Extreme Conditions (CMEC). This research involves disciplines as varied as engineering, astrophysics, and supercomputing – and gains in importance as we seek to harness the benefits of matter “in extremis.” more...
eyh 2015

Record setting plasma fluence exposure in PISCES-B machine

March 2015

In late 2014, PISCES-B was used for a series of high-fluence plasma exposures to investigate the deuterium fuel retention properties of tungsten, when exposed to continuous plasma bombardment. The goal was to determine whether the fuel retention in the tungsten saturates with fluence, or continues to increase as a function of the plasma exposure time. more...

Bill Torre will test smart invertors under the California Energy Commission's Electric Program Investment Charge

February 2015

The Center for Energy Research's Director of Energy Storage Systems, William Torre, will lead a two-year project to conduct testing of “smart” inverters. His team will build a state-of-the art facility with grid and photovoltaic simulators, which will allow live testing under actual simulated load and photovoltaic generation conditions while in a controlled laboratory environment. more...
smart inverter currently in experiments at ucsd

Farhat Beg awarded Air Force Office of Scientific Research Grant to study heavy ion acceleration

January 2015

Professor Farhat Beg of UC San Diego’s Center for Energy Research will lead a three-year project with collaborators from the University of Michigan and the Naval Research Laboratory titled State-of-the-art high-flux mono-energetic ion sources driven by ultra-intense laser pulses. The grant was funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Basic Research Initiatives program. more...
AFOSR award

High Energy Density Physics Group awarded grant to carry out experiments at Omega Laser Facility

January 2015

A team led by Professor Farhat Beg in the Center For Energy Research has been awarded a two-year grant from the National Laser Users’ Facility (NLUF). The NLUF provides university and industry access to one of the world's premier laser user facilities, the OMEGA Laser Facility. more...
Omega Laser Facility


Bill Torre awarded 3.3 million to lead advanced energy storage project

December 2014

UC San Diego receives $3 million award to help advance energy storage system

16 December 2014 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

ARPA-E Charges Program to validate novel grid-storage technologies

December 2014 - ARPA-E

A Look Inside Four Solar Labs Offers a Glimpse of What's New in PV R&D

8 November 2014 - RenewableEnergyWorld.com

CER engages students with interactive exhibits at the High Tech Fair

October 2014

Summary of the 9th International Conference on Dense Z Pinches

August 2014

Bill Torre of the UCSD Center for Energy Research on Microgrid Developments, Obstacles, “Solar Happy Hour”

8 August 2014 - RenewableEnergyWorld.com cross posted with Scaling Green

Summary of the 44th Annual Anomalous Absorption Conference

June 2014

Supercomputing research opportunity awarded to Chris Holland and team
May 2014

Chris McGuffey awarded Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program Grant

March 2014

CER teaches middle school girls concepts of electricity at Expanding Your Horizons workshop
March 2014


'Our Energy Future' Lecture Series to Engage Community with UC San Diego Energy Research

1 October 2013 - Calit2 Newsroom

"Our Energy Future" Public Lecture Series

18 September 2013 - UC San Diego Extension Newsroom

Eric Hollmann to Receive FPA "Excellence in Fusion Engineering" Award.
1 August 2013

Mark Tillack elected fellow of American Nuclear Society "for contributions to fusion energy technology".
7 May 2013

ITER blanket integrated product team, led by René Raffray, passes final design review.
7 May 2013


Gleaning Clues on Sunny Days From the Clouds

23 October 2012 - The New York Times

Pulsed Power Plasmas Group joins Cornell-led Center of Excellence in HED Physics.

6th US-PRC Magnetic Fusion Collaboration Workshop will be held at UCSD on July 10-12, 2012.

Researchers reach record performance for ethanol-based fuel cells 

7 June 2012 - Biofuels Digest

Best Reported Performance for Fuel Cells Operating Directly on Ethanol 

4 June 2012 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

CER researchers demonstrated best performance reported for fuel cells operating directly on ethanol.
4 June 2012

Summary of the 2012 Joint CMTFO - CMSO Winter School, January 8-13, 2012 in La Jolla.

President Obama Visits Solar Power Plant Using Technology Developed by UC San Diego Engineers

22 March 2012 - UC San Diego News Center

CER researcher recognized for more than 5 years of participation in Expanding Your Horizons.
7 March 2012


Results of proton beam experiments at Triton laser published in Nature Physics.
7 December 2011

Mark Tillack elected fellow of IEEE "for contributions to fusion energy technology".
21 November 2011

Farhat Beg elected fellow of IEEE "for contributions to high intensity laser matter interactions and pulsed power pinches".
21 November 2011

CER Associate Director Jan Kleissl uses space shuttle data to improve solar forecasting models.
17 November 2011

UC San Diego Researchers Map Calif. Solar Hotspots

15 November 2011 - KPBS

CMTFO to host the 2012 Joint CMTFO - CMSO Winter School, January 8-13, 2012 in La Jolla.
3 November 2011

Prof. Farhat Beg elected to the Executive Committee of the IEEE NPSS Plasma Science and Applications Committee (PSAC).
21 October 2011

CER members Lane Carlson, Leo Chousal and Brandi Pate honored with 2011 Staff Recognition Awards.
2 September 2011

Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool, Study Says

July 2011 - Solaripedia

Dain Holdener wins American Nuclear Society "Best Student Poster" award at 15th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems.
20 June 2011

CER Director Najmabadi and Assistant VCR Tynan publish a Union-Tribune editorial on the need for nuclear power.
27 March 2011


UCSD to host the 2011 High Energy Density Physics Summer School.
16 December 2010

CER member René Raffray appointed as Leader of the Blanket Integrated Product Team of ITER.
2 November 2010

Prof. Tynan elected fellow of American Physical Society.
30 September 2010

Dr. Nguyen Minh invited to speak at the Global Futures Forum in Singapore, Sept 2010
31 August 2010

Prof. Najmabadi elected fellow of American Nuclear Society.
16 June 2010

Web interview of Prof. George Tynan, regarding various facets of his research, on the ORA web site.


CER researcher Valerie Izzo nominated for 2009 Nuclear Fusion Award.
16 October 2009

How to Keep Nuclear Fusion Plasma Contained

15 September 2009 - Softpedia

CER members awarded a 5-year DOE Plasma Science Center grant
11 September 2009

CER members awarded a 5-year DOE Plasma Science Center grant on fundamental multiscale studies of plasma-material interactions.
11 September 2009

Going with the flow: using star power to better understand fusion

11 September 2009 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

Plasma power: turning fusion into a renewable energy source 

11 September 2009 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

UC San Diego installs high-efficiency sun-tracking solar panels

27 July 2009 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

UCSD scientists shed 'light' on semiconductor quandary 

14 July 2009 - Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

CER scientists obtained a 2-year grant with KLA-Tencor to develop light sources for advanced semiconductor metrology.
14 July 2009

CER members hosted successful IEEE NPSS 36th ICOPS and 23rd SOFE May 31-June 5, 2009

UCSD receives grant for solar energy

30 April 2009 - La Jolla Light via Borrego Solar

Partnership to Expand Solar Use in Calif.

17 April 2009 - KPBS

UC Davis Receives $3M from Energy Commission for Renewable Energy Programs

16 April 2009 - UC Davis News

Press release on the new California Solar Energy Collaborative, led by CER members.

Center for Energy Research participates in Expanding Your Horizons for the 5th straight year.
17 March 2009

Teresa Bartal and Steven Ross named Lawrence Scholars.
30 January 2009


CER to host the 8th International Workshop on the Physics of Wire Array Z-Pinches.
24 November 2008

Engineers Study Fusion to Search for an Energy Solution

21 November 2008 - Newswise

Growing Green Industry in San Diego

13 October 2008 - KPBS

The Call for Papers for the 36th ICOPS and 23rd SOFE has been released. The abstract deadline is January 9, 2009.

CER researcher Mark Tillack wins 2008 Technical Accomplishment Award from the American Nuclear Society Fusion Energy Division.

CER researchers nominated for 2008 Nuclear Fusion Award.

Press release on CER research on EUV lithography.

ECE Professor Ed Yu appointed as Associate Director of CER

UC San Diego researchers create enhanced light sources for lithography

9 July 2008 -Jacobs School of Engineering News Center

CER research to be highlighted on an episode of the History Channel program "Modern Marvels", entitled "Things that are hot"
5 May 2008

CER members participate in the 2008 San Diego "Expanding Your Horizons" event.

Prof. Beg selected as the winner of the 2008 IEEE/NPSS Early Achievement Award
31 March 2008

CER student Tammy Ma wins best talk award at the 2008 UCSD All-Grad Symposium
9 January 2008


CER researchers begin collaboration with Cymer Inc. on next-generation semiconductor lithography
6 September 2007

Farrokh Najmabadi wins IEEE Fusion Technolology award, to be presented at the 22nd Symposium on Fusion Engineering.
19 May 2007

Jon Spalding wins American Nuclear Society "Best Student Paper" award at 17th Topical Meeting on Fusion.
19 May 2007

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith presents the MAE Penner Lecture on May 14 (see PDF presentation)

CER, together with the MAE department, host the 5th U.S. Combustion Meeting
March 2007

Steven Koonin, chief scientist of BP, presents the 1st CER distinguished Lecture
7 March 2007

CER Researcher Prof. Steve Buckley co-directs new $1.2-million NSF science education initiative for middle school girls.
11 January 2007

CER researchers to coordinate pertor materials experiments at the DIII-D tokamak facility
10 January 2007

UCSD researchers awarded a 3-year, $2.4M grant to study plasma confinement in tokamaks
9 January 2007

The PISCES Team was awarded a three year grant in the amount of $5.4M for research in the 2007-2009 time period.
9 January 2007


UCSD to host the 2007 High Energy Density Physics Summer School.
7 December 2006

UCSD and SDSU form a Research and Educational Consortium on Emerging Energy Technologies with SDG&E
21 November 2006

UCSD researchers to play a leading role in the Jupiter-III US-Japan collaboration on fusion nuclear technologies
17 September 2006

"Fusion Program Heats Up", from Jacobs School Pulse, summer 2006 newsletter
Summer 2006

2nd 5-year IAEA collaboration on inertial fusion energy to begin
17 Aug 2006

UCSD researchers were awarded a 3-year, $818k grant to support General Atomics on IFE target engineering studies
16 Aug 2006

New Vice Chancellor for Research Appointed
21 July 2006

The ARIES team is currently completing a 3-year study of compact stellarator power plants.
7 July 2006

UCSD Vice Chancellor of Research announces new CER director.
28 June 2006

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