CER trains Reuben H. Fleet Science Center volunteers to help present their new energy exhibit

June 18, 2015


So Watt exhibit at The FleetCER provided an information session for volunteers from Reuben H. Fleet Science Center on renewable energy sources, distribution and storage. The volunteers will support a new exhibition at Fleet, which builds on the present “So WATT!” display and is due to open early Fall 2015.

Prof. George Tynan gave a detailed overview of the energy scenario faced by mankind and highlighted the opportunities and challenges ahead for renewable energy. William Torre then gave an overview of the electricity micro-gird and storage on campus at UC San Diego, which integrates many renewable sources through innovative research projects. The volunteers were also shown the research laboratories of Prof. Jan Kleissl and Prof. Carlos Coimbra, where David Larson and Felipe Mejia demonstrated how students and researchers collect, analyze and provide data from solar energy installations to local utility companies. This helps the utility manage the integration of renewable energy sources onto the local electricity grid by forecasting solar energy production levels.

The information session proved a hit with the volunteers. Tanja Schroeder, Manager of Volunteer Programs and Training at the Fleet, said “I especially value these opportunities to meet professionals who are so busy, but have such a great passion for their work, that they make it a part of their day to share it with the community.” She reflected, “Being at the center, experiencing the work environment and hearing things first hand is a lot more effective than to read something out of a text book.  I can definitely say that I learned a lot today and will apply what I have learned, not only at the Fleet, but in my own personal life!”

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