Deep Carbonization Initiative Seminar: Electrochemical Energy Storage - Challenges and Opportunities

Shirley Meng, UC San Diego
September 28, 2016, 2:30 - 4:00pm
Large Qualcomm Conference Center, EBUI



The Deep Decarbonization Initiative at UC San Diego is a combined effort of faculty across the campus working toward how the world can cut emissions of warming gases essentially to zero given the very real science, technology, economic and political constraints that exist. The team works at the intersection of science, technology and policy.

Radical decarbonization of the world’s electric and transportation systems while meeting the increasing energy demands of a growing population requires a collective and collaborative effort. Academics must find radical new ways to deliver useful energy services as well as practical strategies for putting new technologies and businesses into action.


Dr. Shirley Meng received her Ph.D. in Advance Materials for Micro & Nano Systems from the Singapore-MIT Alliance in 2005.  Shirley is currently the Associate Professor of NanoEngineering and Materials Science at UC San Diego. She is the founding Director of Sustainable Power and Energy Center ( and a member of CER.

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