2-LTD-Brick X-Pinch Radiation Source: From Simple RLC to State-of-the-Art Plasma Radiation Source

Roman Shapovalov, Idaho State University
October 14, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00pm, SERF 232



Almost all well-known x-pinch x-ray radiation machines are large, based on a conventional Marx generator, and lack portability. The literature suggests that a current rate of rise of 1 kA/ns or more is required for "good" x-pinch radiation performance, which, for reasonable current rise times, translates to a current requirement of 100 kA or more. Those requirements are difficult to achieve in a limited volume, if one wants to build a compact machine without the use of traditional Marx generators, pulse-forming lines, and transmission lines.

In this talk I will describe a new, compact and portable x-pinch radiation source recently proposed and demonstrated at the Idaho Accelerator Center. I will discuss how we started with simple RLC circuit, what we learned, and what we finally achieved. Our best x-pinches can generate 2-3-ns-wide, 2-5-GW bright x-ray radiation signals from 12-μm in diameter radiation sources. The shot rate is limited only by the replacement of the x-pinch load, and the excellent x-pinch radiation performance suggests that many research projects using a 2-LTD-Brick radiation source may be possible soon.


Roman Shapovalov (the last name is too long to say and can be skipped) was born in Ukraine. He got his first degree in the Experimental Nuclear and Plasma Physics from Karazin Kharkiv National University back in 1997. He worked later for ten years in one of the biggest power plant in Europe, Zaporizhska Nuclear Power Plant. He came in the US in 2007, and he is currently graduating with PhD in Physics and Engineering from the Idaho State University. His work was focused on the development of a novel x-pinch radiation source based on two LTD bricks technologies.

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