WEBINAR: Grid Energy Storage Systems Modeling, Evaluation, and Testing

Dr. Antonio Tong, R&D Engineer, Center for Energy Research, UC San Diego
August 30, 2017, 2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT



CONTACT: Dr. Antonio Tong, stong@ucsd.edu


AUDIENCE: Those interested in valuation of benefits for energy storage, and third party modeling, evaluation and testing of grid energy stoage systems.



UC San Diego, Center for Energy Research has developed testing and economic modeling algorithms for grid-connected and behind the meter applications, and will be sharing these with the energy storage community, with the goal to maximize performance and benefit of energy storage stystems.

On Wendesday, August 30, the UC San Diego ARPA-E CHARGES project team will host a webinar to introduce their unique capabilities in energy storage system testing and test protocols for performance and economic valuation.

In this webinar, Senior R&D Engineer, Dr. Antonio Tong, will introduce the diverse energy storage system modeling and testing capabilities at UC San Diego, including: the battery module testing lab; the outdoor microgrid-connected testing site with three 40 ft. test pads; and the plug-n-play energy storage demonstration platform within a 20 ft. container integrated with inverter, controller, power interface GVAC and fire alarm. This webinar will also introduce a set of novel energy storage test duty cycles for economic valuation, developed based on CAISO wholesale markets and local utility retail market data, with both single and stacked usage applications. The goal is to allow an improved assessment of the value proposition for energy storage systems.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. 

CONTRIBUTORS: William Torre, Shirley Meng, Graham Elliot, Byron Washom, Dan Davies, Handa Yang, Antonio Tong

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