High Field Science opportunities of HIBEF UC at HED@XFEL.eu

Toma Toncian, HiBEF User Consortium, HED instrument, European XFEL
November 13, 2017, 11:00am - 12:00pm, EBU-II 459



Helmholtz International Beamlines for Extreme Fields is an international user consortium of over 80 groups from more than 60 institutes across 16 countries serving a wide scientific community. The field of interest includes plasma physics, planetary science, high pressure and strong field physics, magnetism and correlated electron systems as well as material dynamics.

HIBEF will establish high-repetition-rate ultra-high intensity (UHI) lasers (up to PW-class, initially 200 TW at 10 Hz) and high energy (HE) lasers (up to kJ-class with few ns pulses, initially 100 J at 10 Hz), as well as pulsed high-field magnets (up to 60 T in 1 ms, single shot), and integrate these into the HED instrument at the European XFEL. These will allow researchers to drive matter and materials to extremes of pressure, temperature, magnetic and electric fields, and compression at high strain- rate. This will open new vistas in high energy density and plasma physics, strong-field physics, magnetic materials and correlated electron systems, high-pressure physics, planetary science, and material dynamics.



Toma Toncian is currently lead laser scientist for the HiBEF user consortium at the HED instrument at the European XFEL. He has graduated his diploma in 2004 and doctoral degree in 2008 at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf Germany on topics related with laser acceleration of protons and ions and application of proton imaging. After a post-doctoral and non-tenured assistant professorship at the Arcturus laser laboratory in Düsseldorf he moved in 2014 for two years to the University of Texas at Austin where he lead the GHOST and THOR laser laboratories as an assistant director of the Center of High Energy Density Science. His main focus is in the development and applications of lasers with relativistic intensities and energetic ultra-short pulses. He works on the fringe between experiments and computational studies.

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