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Training Workshop on National Security & High Energy Density Science

Technical, Policy, and International Perspectives and Implications

August 8-9, 2019

University of California, San Diego  |  Estancia La Jolla Hotel

This workshop is an introductory exploration of the national security dimensions of High Energy Density Science (HEDS) from technical, policy, and international perspectives. Scientists from the national laboratories, current and former policy officials from federal agencies, and university faculty will provide diverse views on the role and importance of HEDS to national security. 

The main goals of this workshop are for scientists to gain an understanding of the policy and national security implications of their research and to encourage research from social scientists to examine the national security impact of HEDS.

Key issues that will be addressed in the event include:
  • Stockpile stewardship program & HEDS
  • Comparing HEDS R&D in U.S. and China
  • HEDS and pulse power
  • Export control issues and HEDS
  • Comparative perspectives on nuclear security and HEDS security

This program is funded by: University of California Office of the President Lab Fee Program & Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration.


Talk topics are listed below:

  • How to Think about National Security and HEDS
  • DOE/NNSA Perspectives: The View from Washington DC from Current and Former Senior Policy Officials
  • HEDS research in China and the Strategic Implications for the U.S.
  • Pulse power
  • HED and the Export Control Regime
  • HED and survivability
  • Stockpile Stewardship Program and HED Science
  • Comparative Perspectives from the Nuclear Domain
  • Scaled HED Experiments Supporting Detection of UGTs
  • From Congressional Fellow to HED designer
  • National Security and HED Science
  • Forensics


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