CER Open House

May 3, 2019  |  8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  |  Atkinson Hall   |  UC San Diego

Every year CER holds an Open House, come join leading scientists, engineers, students and key stakeholders from the energy, policy and social science communities to discuss CER's key research areas and the challenges we face to sustainably meet the world's growing energy needs.

Speakers will include a range of academic and industry leaders, and a poster session will provide valuable networking opportunities with students, postdocs, faculty and industry representatives.

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Coordination of this sizable event requires a significant financial commitment on our part and as a primarily grant funded University Organized Research Unit, we cannot do it alone. CER has come to depend on our industry partners for sponsorships, which have generously allowed us to make this event a success in previous years.

If you are interested in sponsoring this or a future event, please contact us at CER@ucsd.edu.


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WHEN: Monday, May 23, 2016 at 9AM
WHERE: Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego


general atomics


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jeffrey quintenz

Dr. Jeffrey Quintenz
Senior Vice President, Energy Group, General Atomics

Marty Turock

Marty Turock
Strategic Projects Consultant, Cleantech San Diego

Byron Washom

Byron Washom
Director, Strategic Energy Initiatives, UC San Diego

Casandra Rauser

Casandra Rauser
Director, Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, UC Los Angeles




Download Abstracts 

  • Optimal On-Load Tap Changer Control for Higher PV Hosting Capacity of Distribution Feeders
    • Changfu Li, Jan Kleissl, Vahid Disfani
  • A Computational Modeling Approach of UserBehavior for Swarm Control Applications
    • Aksanli, Baris and Rosing, Tajana
  • A Study of a New Recombination Process of D2 Plasma Mediated by ND3 Molecules
    • Abe, Shota
  • Blobs and drift wave dynamics
    • Yanzeng Zhang, Sergei Krasheninnikov
  • Optimal Distributed Nonlinear Battery Control
    • Akyurek, Alper; Rosing, Tajana
  • Impacts of the Solar Market Garden
    • Jennifer Burney
  • Innovative, Versatile and Cost-Competitive Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Concept
    • Lee, Yoon Ho
  • Mechanistic Studies for the Development of Thin Si Microwire Solar Cells for Wearable Electronics
    • Ro, Yun Goo
  • Stratocumulus dissipation dependence on initial and boundary conditions parameters for a Mixed Layer Model
    • Zamora, Monica; Norris, Joel; Ghonima, Mohamed; Kleissl, Jan
  • Solar Forecasting for Large-Scale Solar Plants
    • Pedro, Hugo; Larson, David; Li, Mengying; Coimbra, Carlos
  • Improving cloud classification and forecasting from satellite images
    • Pedro, Hugo; Coimbra, Carlos
  • Low-cost, wireless sensor networks for distributed solar power plant monitoring
    • Larson, David P. and Orosco, Jeremy and Pedro, Hugo T. C. and Coimbra, Carlos F. M.
  • Current and Charge Demand Scheduling of Parallel Placed (Second-life) Batteries
    • Jiang, Joe; Habib, Abdulelah; Zhao, Xin; Shrinkle, Lou; de Callafon, Raymond
  • Optimal Hybrid Power Dispatch for Distributed Energy Resources with Dynamic Constraints
    • Konakalla, Sai Akhil Reddy; de Callafon, Raymond
  • PMU-based Microgrid Power Control over the Internet with Real-Time Grid Simulation
    • Valibeygi, Amir; de Callafon, Raymond
  • Advanced Energy Storage Modeling, Performance Evaluation, and Testing
    • William Torre; Handa Yang

2016 Open House



WHEN: Monday, May 23, 2016 at 9AM
WHERE: Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego



For more information, please visit our event website here.


boedo Dr. Jose Boedo
Researcher, Center for Energy Research, UC San Diego
Tokamaks as Future Fusion Reactors

boedo Dr. Jan Kleissl
Associate Director, Center for Energy Research, UC San Diego
Integration of Solar Power into the Electric Distribution System

abdul Dr. Ahmed Abdulla
Postdoc, School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
Small Modular Reactors and the state of U.S. nuclear innovation 

clifford Dr. Clifford Kubiak
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego
Artificial Photosynthesis: Liquid Fuels from Sunlight and Air

fonna Dr. Fonna Forman
Director, Center for Global Justice, UC San Diego
The UCSD EnSEED project: Technology transfer for social justice

abdul Mr. John Holmes
Director, Innovation and Commercialization, UC San Diego
Innovation & Commercialization: Energy Systems & Technologies The World is Waiting For

mayfield Dr. Stephen Mayfield
Co-director, Food and Fuel for the 21st Century, UC San Diego
Photosynthetic Bio-manufacturing in Algae: Food and Fuel for the 21st Century

meng Dr. Shirley Meng
Associate Professor, Nano-engineering, UC San Diego
Challenges and Opportunities for Electrical Energy Storage

abdul Dr. Tajana Rosing
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego
Leveraging Context Awareness for Energy Management in SmartGrid

abdul Dr. William Torre
Program Director, Energy Storage Systems, UC San Diego
The UC San Diego Microgrid and Energy Storage Research


Download abstracts

  • Optimization-Based Residential Load Scheduling To Improve Reliability In The Distribution Grid
    • Authors: Abdulelah H. Habib, Elizabeth L Ratnam, Vahid R. Disfani, Jan Kleissl and Raymond A. de Callafon
  • Highly Collimated Quasi-Mono-Energetic Ion Bunches Accelerated From High Intensity Laser Driven Ultra-Thin Film
    • Authors: Jinqing Yu, C. McGuffey, C. M. Krauland and F.N. Beg
  • Synthetic Diagnostics Of Plasma Turbulence Model With Application To Magnetic Controlled Fusion
    • Authors: Vaezi, Payam, Holland, Christopher, Tynan, George, Thakur, Saikat Chakraborty
  • A Computational Modeling Approach Of User Behavior For Swarm Control Applications
    • Author: Aksanli, Baris
  • Optimal Power Market Participation Strategy Of Variable Renewable Energy Resources
    • Authors: Vahid R. Disfani, Ryan Hanna, Jan Kleissl
  • Study Of Pulse Length Impact On Hot Electron Tail Generation In High Intensity Laser Pre-Plasma Interactions
    • Author: Peebles, Jonathan
  • Memory, Cascades And Spectra In Models Of 2D MHD And Elastic Turbulence
    • Author: Fan, Xiang
  • On The Structure Of The Zonal Shear Layer Field And Its Implication For Multi-Scale Interactions
    • Authors: Ashourvan, Arash - Diamond, Patrick H.
  • On The Physics Of Intrinsic Flow In Plasmas Without Magnetic Shear
    • Authors: Li, Jiacong; Hong, Rongjie; Diamond, Patrick H.; Tynan, George R.; Thakur, Saikat C.; Xu, Xueqiao
  • Zonal Flow Generation Vis Phase Patterning
    • Author: Zhibin Guo
  • Modeling Transport Bifurcations In CSDX Linear Plasma Device
    • Authors: Hajjar Rima J., Diamond Patrick H., Tynan Georges R.
  • Intra-Hour To Day-Ahead Global And Direct Solar Irradiance Forecasts
    • Authors: Pedro, Hugo; Coimbra, Carlos; Larson, David
  • Forecasting The Solar Resource: What Can We Do? How Can We Improve?
    • Authors: Pedro, Hugo; Coimbra, Carlos
  • Solar Forecasting For Large-Scale Solar Plants
    • Authors: Li, Mengying; Chu,Yinghao; Larson, David; Pedro, Hugo; Coimbra, Carlos
  • Closed-Form Analytic Solution Of Cloud Dissipation For A Mixed Layer Model
    • Author: Akyurek, Bengu
  • ECO-DAC: Energy Control Over Divide And Control
    • Author: Akyurek, Alper
  • Design And Characterization Of A Compact Double Gas Injector For Staged Z-Pinch
    • Author: Conti, Fabio
  • Broadband Proton Radiography Of Self-Generated Fields In Strongly-Shocked, Low-Density Systems
    • Author: Rui, Hua
  • Assimilating In-Situ Observations Over Southern California For Improved Solar Forecasting
    • Authors: Sahu Dipak Kumar, Zhong Xiaohui, Kleissl Jan
  • Shock Wave Formation In A Staged Z-Pinch: A Comparison Of Ne, Ar, Kr, And Xe On DD Gas Puff Implosions
    • Authors: Narkis, Jeff; Rahman, Hafiz Ur; Ney, Paul; Beg, Farhat
  • One-Year Real-Time Operational Prediction Intervals For Direct Normal
    • Author: Yinghao Chu
  • Advances In Sky Imager Solar Energy Forecasting
    • Authors: Kurtz, Ben; Mejia, Felipe; Wang, Guang; Kleissl, Jan
  • Allocation Of Battery Energy Storage Systems To Enhance Distribution Systems
    • Authors: Babacan, Oytun
  • Active Cloud Control For Solar Energy Generating Systems
    • Authors: Inman, Rich and Coimbra, Carlos

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