Nguyen Minh Selected as a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society Class of 2022

October 6, 2022

The designation “Fellow of The Electrochemical Society” was established in 1989 for advanced individual technological contributions to the fields of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology, and for service to the Society. These members are recognized for scientific achievements, leadership, and active participation in the affairs of ECS. Each year, their peers choose up to 15 renowned scientists and engineers for this honor. See page 91 of the press release.   


Jan Kleissl Featured on KPBS San Diego News Now

September 19, 2022

Listen to the audio recording on the NPR website. (Episode dated 9/19/22, "Electric cars' impact on grid".) Dr. Kleissl can be found by fastforwarding to 6 minutes 20 seconds.


Op-Ed: California’s giant new batteries kept the lights on during the heat wave

September 13, 2022, by Mike Ferry for the LA Times

California just stared down its most extreme September heat event in history and survived better than expected — thanks in part to a new system of huge, grid-connected batteries.

The severity and duration of this latest climate-driven heat tested the state’s electricity grid like never before, setting records for power demand that pushed the supply to its limits. But the system held. The lights stayed on.

Additional tests lie ahead, for California and other states and nations. But after this round, California has a clear lesson for the world: Battery storage is a powerful tool for grids facing new strains from heat, cold, fire, flood or aging networks. And just as important, batteries are key to the zero-carbon future we need to avoid even greater stresses down the line. Read more.


ITER International School on Operation Scenarios and Control

September 12, 2022

The 11th ITER International School concluded successfully in San Diego, USA, on 29 July after five days of lectures and discussions on the development of tokamak operation scenarios and how to control them. After a hiatus of two years due to COVID pandemic, it was finally possible to organize the traditional ITER International School again. A total of 175 Master's, graduate or postdoctoral students gathered at the end of July in San Diego, California, for the 2022 ITER International School, this time focusing on ITER operation scenarios and control. Read more.




CER Researcher Jose Bodeo's Paper Chosen as Editor's Pick

May 17, 2022

Paper titled, "Quantifying heat and particle flux to primary and secondary divertors for various types of edge-localized-modes," found in Physics of Plasmas 29, 052506 (2022);, chosen as editor's pick.


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